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I’m Taneya!

(pronounced tuh-NAY-uh)

Obsessed with dogs, I once flew across the country to attend a week-long dog training workshop just for fun. Turns out, I love to connect with other dog-obsessed people!

Dog photography is my passion and my weakness. I find myself incapable of going anywhere without wondering how I would photograph a pup in that location. If I ever look lost in my thoughts, its very likely I’m thinking about dogs, a photoshoot, or brainstorming location ideas. Like I said, it’s also my weakness!

However, I promise I don’t spend 100% of my time thinking about dogs, dog photography, and dreamy creamy backgrounds. Weekends are set aside for my family: exploring Central Oregon with my husband and our pup, Bailey, and working around our yard while the chickens roam free.

Fun Facts: I am really quick at picking up new skills and I’m embarrassingly terrible at making smoothies!

After a few years teaching Jr. High art classes (including photography!) my career path took me toward Graphic Design. While I still enjoy graphic design, my love of dogs and photography have taken me to this point. I’m so grateful to be able to combine so many different passions into one!

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