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My dog doesn't know sit or stay. Is that a problem?

My dog can’t be off-leash? Is that ok?

What about harnesses and gentle leaders, can those be removed?

I cannot guarantee that I will be able to remove the harness or gentle leaders from your final image, especially large harnesses that cover the majority of the dog’s chest. If your dog usually walks in a harness or a gentle leader, I recommend using those to walk them to the session and in between shooting locations, but if there is any way to have your dog in a regular flat collar that is ideal. If you have a sighthound, or other dog that can easily slip out of a flat collar, martingale collars are ok and preferred over harnesses.

My dog is super reactive to other dogs/people/bicycles. How can we do a session?

My dog is a never-ending ball of energy! How do you manage high-energy dogs?

Do I have to be in the images too?

Who can come to the session?

What if it rains? What if I need to reschedule?

Do you photograph pets other than dogs?